Article and Content Generation

Corporate and entrepreneurial thought leaders aren’t born; they are made by routinely publishing idea-provoking, well-researched articles and white papers. Unfortunately subject matter experts are often too busy to create such pieces or lack the writing prowess to do so successfully.

But your organization doesn’t have to cede its place in the conversation to competitors. Hire a freelance writer who can effectively and efficiently research and write your organization’s short-form articles, long-form articles and white papers, thereby establishing and maintaining your status as an industry thought leader.

Short-form Article and Blog Post Writing

Contrary to popular belief, writing a short-form article (approximately 100 to 750 words) is challenging. The writer must parse information into succinct yet thorough pieces that help organizations communicate frequently about time-sensitive topics. Whether needed for internal or external use, I am available to write your short-form articles.

Portfolio includes short-form articles ghost written about such bank-related topics as risk management; credit quality and risk; commercial real estate lending; and personal finance, as well as about such non-bank topics as healthcare, wellness, e-commerce, logistics, fulfillment and distribution, inventory management and economic conditions.

Long-form Article Writing

More in-depth articles in the 750 to 1,500 word range are essential in corporate literature and for industry publications. They require significant research to identify the latest developments and opinions on the topic, which the writer must translate into an original and credible piece for its intended audience. Save your organization time and money by hiring a professional writer to research and produce your long-form articles.

Portfolio includes long-form articles ghost written about such complex topics as the Bank Secrecy Act, business continuity, cybersecurity, disaster recovery, data breaches, external penetration testing, information security, Malware-as-a-Service, organizational leadership, passive real estate investing, ransomware, social engineering, wire fraud and more.

White Paper Writing

One of the most effective marketing tools for third-party service providers and other organizations is the white paper. In 1,500 to 2,500 words, your organization can help your target audience identify key impediments to success and present the solution that leads them to your product or service. When writing a white paper, I extensively research the topic, identify the most effective structure and write an engaging and compelling argument in your organization’s favor.

Portfolio includes white papers written about anticipatory auditing, cybersecurity governance, wire transfers, Regulation CC and funds availability, information security, branch optimization, OFAC sanctions, risk management, digital bank statements, customer relationship management (CRM) and the Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) model.

Does your organization want to establish itself as a thought leader? Contact me today at to discuss your article or white paper writing needs.

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