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Effective business writing requires the dual combination of an inquiring ear and a deft hand. I am a thorough and curious listener, understanding the questions to ask and the nuances to gather from each client, subject matter expert and interviewee. With that knowledge, I create content unique to your message, appropriate for its designated venue and compelling to your audience.

In my twenty years as a content specialist, I have handled almost every type of writing assignment imaginable on innumerable topics. Whether it’s a message for your customers, prospects, employees or potential employers, I can write the words that will speak to your target audience.

Customer-Related Freelance Writing Services

Retaining existing customers and attracting new ones is vital to all businesses. With so much white noise on social media sites and the Internet, it can be difficult to stand out. Discard generic, trite content and collateral in favor of the dynamic messaging I can provide no matter your topic or venue.

Customer-related freelance writing services include short- and long-form articles, newsletters, customer stories, patient stories, case studies, company profiles, executive bios, press releases, white papers and more. 

Employee-Related Freelance Writing Services

Truly successful organizations talk honestly and frequently with employees. Ignoring or downplaying issues rarely motivates employees. Dialoguing often, through multiple venues and between all levels, empowers employees to excel for the benefit of the organization. I can expertly create a communication strategy for improving your employee relations and/or deftly handle specific employee messaging needs.

Employee-related freelance writing services include c-level and manager-level employee communications and project communications.

Individual-Related Freelance Writing Services

The hardest thing to write about is yourself. Strengths typically get overplayed or underplayed, rendering them useless. Whether it’s a resume creation or revision, professional bio or other professional communication, as a ghost writer I can bring a fresh and objective perspective that puts YOU in a whole new light.

Individual-related freelance writing services include resumes, professional bios and LinkedIn profiles.

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