Change Management Writing

Employees are an integral part of your organization, which is why communication with them can never be taken for granted. Do they understand the organizational mission and philosophy? Do they know how to convey that in their particular job functions and to express it during every customer interaction? Do they understand why changes are being made within the organization?

If you don’t communicate on a regular basis, you can’t assume the answer to any of these is yes. I offer organizations of all sizes and types the following writing services that support organizational change, strategic plans and tactical projects.

C-Level Employee Communications

Change can only be internalized by employees when they see and believe that the C-suite is fully committed. This requires carefully worded and consistently delivered communications. I deliver C-level messaging that deftly handles any situation, good or bad, in a way that supports your overall organizational mission while also respecting the perspective of your key asset – your employees.

Communication Plans and Project Support

Whether your project is enterprise-wide or division-wide, no matter whether it’s system, policy or process related (or all three), I craft detail-oriented communication plans that identify all parties to be communicated with, as well as how and when that communication should take place for maximum effectiveness. In addition, I can provide written documentation to support such organizational projects.

Process and Policy Documentation

I write descriptive yet concise process and policy documentation to ensure everyone within the organization understands the rules, roles and responsibilities for specific functions or areas.

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