About Mary Crotty

As a freelance writer, I’ve helped countless businesses, organizations and professionals convey their message via compelling, well written content that yields their desired result. I can help you, too. But before I write your story, I’ll share mine so you’ll know exactly who you are hiring.

Education and Early Career

Born, raised, and still living in Charlotte, North Carolina, I’ve been a writer of sorts my entire life. It took several twists and turns to recognize writing as my professional calling; that I could, in fact, turn my love affair with words and the English language into daily work that would sustain me both financially and intellectually. That is a gift I treasure everyday when I sit down at my desk to write.

After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, my first twist was to shift gears to a language other than English. I spent two years at Bryn Mawr College studying the Russian language, including two summers of intensive language immersion classes. I then traveled to Russia, and my communications career began in the unlikeliest of places–Moscow–and in a language other than my native tongue.

In Moscow, I continued to study Russian while interning for an American company. While participating in their marketing campaign to introduce bottled spring water to Moscow, a novelty at that time in Russia. I created and maintained the company’s customer newsletter and wrote both the Russian and English versions of their radio ads.

Banking Career

Upon returning from Russia, I swung back to English and began working at First Union National Bank where I quickly rose through the ranks, eventually being promoted to vice president. For the majority of my seven years at the bank, I handled all communications for the Small Business Banking Division, a unit with 400+ employees, who supported a bank sales force of over 3,000.

I developed, implemented and maintained an overall communication plan for the division, created all of the division’s employee communications and training during the merger with Wachovia National Bank, started and maintained a Small Business Advisory Board of customers across the footprint, and planned and executed leadership events.

My experience in the financial services industry was invaluable, but it allowed no work/family balance, so I chose to leave it. After a period devoted exclusively to my family, I became an independent, a freelance business writer for hire, specializing in banking, personal finance and regulatory compliance.

Freelance Writing Career

For five years, I contracted exclusively through The WordSlingers, a team of freelance writers that I helped found. My clients via The WordSlingers included regulatory compliance service providers, software development companies, financial institutions, consulting firms, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, small businesses, entrepreneurs and individual professionals.

In 2012, The WordSlingers disbanded, and I now contract directly with businesses, organizations, and individuals who need the assistance of a professional writer.

Avid Reader and Hockey Mom

On the personal side, I’m an avid reader of all books, classic and contemporary literature as well as popular best sellers–anything that moves me through the written word. I also love to travel and learn about new places, people and things.

Last but certainly not least, I have a wonderful and supportive husband and two amazing sons. For over 15 years, when I wasn’t at my desk writing, you could usually find me at the local ice rink, the unlikeliest of hockey fans, this southern mom, cheering on her favorite left wing and his younger brother and protégé.

Today, I’ve turned in my hockey-mom badge and work continuously to build up my writing business. I welcome new clients while staying dedicated to those that I’ve been serving for years.

To find out more or to engage the services of a professional writer, contact me at marycrottywriting@gmail.com.


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